FTGate Update 7.2.000

This update is available via auto-update.

It can also be applied manually if your UPSP is up to date:



Bug Fixes

  • Various improvements and minor bug fixes
  • Added robust fall back of database connection issues
  • Fixed issue where RBL lookups could stop causing connection backlog
  • Fixed potential security issue when authenticating with aliases
  • Changed the password page to prevent browser caching of active directory id
  • Removed duplicate Personal details page from groups
  • Fixed download of contact data in MS Edge
  • Fixed calendar publishing bug
  • Fixed address autocomplete text search in WebMail Compose window

Feature Changes

  • Added logging of UBE filter name used when a filter is triggered
  • Added additional modes to out of office message handling.
    The new modes allow out of office users to suspend receiving all group messages while they are away.
    These option are in user mailbox/Options/Out of office
  • Changed default behaviour when SMTP receive size set to zero
    Previously this rejected all mail, not it uses a default size of 200k
  • Added support for auto “Sent-To” address book.
    This will cause a new dedicated address book to be created to track the email addresses that have been sent to.
    This option is in Domains/Local Domain/Privilege Sets/Selected set/General
  • Added support for personal aliases.
    This allows for simple aliases to be created for user mailboxes by appending +text to the users address. For example the user bob@domain.com can have aliases of bob+marketing@domain.com, bob+sales@domain.com, bob+anythingyouwant@domain.com. These aliases can then be combined with mailbox rules to filter the messages. This permits users to create different accounts in online sites and reduce the potential for any email/password breaches.
  • Added new functionality to the .Net scripting Mailbox class
    See documentation
  • Added support for separate standalone PostgreSql servers
    Support is added by adding a configuration line to the ftgate.conf file with the following form:
    “pgServerOverride”:”host=’hostip’ port=5432 dbname=’databasename’ user=’username’ password=’userpassword'”
    See Documentation