FTGate for Business

A Solid Solution

FTGate provides a high-performance, enterprise-level communications suite with exceptional mail handling and comprehensive productivity and collaboration tools.

FTGate for Small Business

FTGate Professional Edition acts as an email and productivity server, supporting both MS Outlook™, FTGate Desktop and FTGate Web interface as its email and productivity clients.

FTGate is the chosen solution for many thousands of small and medium sized businesses worldwide, because it is a reliable, fast, secure and cost-efficient alternative to MS Exchange and Google Apps for Business

FTGate for the Enterprise

FTGate is a powerful communications server suite which is used by many of the largest corporations in the world, who rely on it to provide the backbones of their businesses.

As a large corporation, you need a complete email solution which is fast, highly reliable and flexible enough to meet your individual requirements, but which is still cost-effective and easy to maintain. FTGate Professional Edition provides all of these benefits, and more.

Whether your business is located in a single location or is spread across multiple sites in different countries, FTGate provides you with the complete solution for your enterprise

Key features

  • Fast, efficient and easy to set up, manage and use
  • Highest levels of Security
  • Effective Spam Filtering
  • Full POP 3, SMTP, IMAP. LDAP features
  • Intuitive user interface and Webmail
  • Share Mailboxes & Folders, Calendars and Address Books
  • Extensive issue tracking facilities for each user
  • Business Productivity and Project Management Tools
  • Integration with most popular anti-virus software
  • Mobile Integration
  • Comprehensive monitoring, archiving and tracking features
  • Improve internal communication within your business
  • Customer driven design
  • Powerful features available for more advanced users
  • Flexible toolset can be tailored to fit your business
  • Complete archiving tools ensures compliance with Data Preservation requirements
  • Chosen as reliable back-bone server by some of the largest corporations in the world
  • Fast, powerful email server can handle heavy amounts of email traffic
  • FTGate Webmail works with all browsers and enables users to communicate with each other from anywhere in the world
  • Intuitive Web Administration interface and remote administration
  • Advanced Security features Allows the administrator exceptional control over the contents of messages, provides total quality control and safeguards valuable information
  • Effective anti-spam filtering
  • Integration with most popular anti-virus software
  • Powerful features for the more sophisticated administrator, providing a virtually limitless degree of flexibility whilst maintaining the highest levels of security
  • Comprehensive Historical Message Tracking and Archiving Allows complete email audit trail and ultimate control over sensitive inter-office communications
  • Customer driven design
  • Fully Scalable from small single office through to a multinational corporation
  • Complies with the latest internet standards
  • Reliable, fast, secure and highly cost-efficient alternative to MS Exchange and Google Apps for Business