FTGate Productivity overview

Mail Server

FTGate is a comprehensive email server allowing fast and efficient communication between users, groups and project members. All popular browsers are supported and FTGate includes its own fully featured high performance web mail client and desktop application.

Projects and Groups

Create different projects for your organisation and use FTGate’s Productivity tools to foster creative collaboration between project members. Projects have one or more managers and multiple members. Staff can be members of multiple projects.

Project Contacts

Projects can have multiple address books holding important contact information related to each project and shared as needed between team members.

Project Schedules

Projects can have multiple schedules so you can organize your team, manage deadlines and efficiently control the workflow and timing of each project

Project Task Lists

Project can have multiple tasks lists so that unrelated parts of the same project can be split into logical units. Each task list can then have tasks allocated to the project members giving a clear breakdown of responsibilities and simple tracking of progress.

Project Issue Tracking

All projects can have issues, which can range from software bugs to customer complains to procurement problems. Project issue tracking allows effective management and resolution of those issues with clear visibility of progress, resolution and responsibilities. With custom fields and data types, FTGate’s Issue tracking facilities will help in the cost effective resolution of problems.

Project Journals

Project Journals offer a quick and simple way to record information, or simply keep members up to date with a central store of information, which can be shared and allocated as needed.

Project Documents

Project document allows team members to share documents between each other.

Custom Options

Project items can be customised to have your own Categories, Status and Custom fields so that information can be tailored to fit the specific needs of your organisation.