FTGate Professional Edition

FTGate Professional Edition is our flagship mail server suite and is the trusted solution for many thousands of organisations all over the world who rely on it as their backbone server because of its reputation for stability, speed, flexibility and ease of use.

The first version of FTGate began twenty years ago as a simple way to route emails to the correct people within a company. Since that rather humble beginning, FTGate Professional Edition has continued to go from strength to strength and has evolved into a fully-fledged communications suite, capable of processing millions of messages every day and providing a powerful and highly secure communications server with fully featured Groupware (including contacts, calendars, tasks, journals and issue tracking), mobile support and effective anti-spam protection.

With extensive security, filtering, archiving and user management features, customer resource management and a comprehensive set of productivity tools, FTGate offers you a powerful, highly secure and cost-efficient alternative to MS Exchange and Google Apps for Business.

FTGate Professional Edition allows businesses to connect, communicate, and collaborate securely wherever they are. It is fully scaleable and is ideal for all sizes of organisations, from the smallest business right up to large ISP’s and enterprise-level companies.