FTGate for Educational and Non-Profit Organizations

Because of its advanced feature set, cost effectiveness and its ability to build and enhance complete online communities, FTGate has always been the chosen backbone server for thousands of schools, charities, universities and non-profit organizations worldwide.

Key features

  • Simple to install, maintain and support
  • Highly cost-effective – specially reduced pricing for 100, 500, 1000 or unlimited mailbox licences
  • Fast, efficient email server – Can handle heavy amounts of traffic with ease
  • Builds communities – Students can manage their own Web Mail accounts from anywhere in the world and learn to use email using a safe and secure method of communication.
  • Groupware – Your students can organize their schedules, arrange group meetings, set home-study tasks, organise projects and keep their own journals.
  • Teachers can use FTGate’s flexible productivity toolset to organise their calendars, set reminders for students, set up staff meetings, send memorandums,  keep records of their work and so forth.
  • Advanced Security features Allows the administrator exceptional control over the contents of messages, provides total quality control and safeguards
  • Comprehensive Historical Message Tracking and Archiving ensures complete audit trail and ultimate control over sensitive email communications  and valuable information
  • Powerful anti-spam filtering which can be tailored to your requirements
  • Integration with most popular anti-virus software
  • Intuitive Web Administration interface and remote administration
  • Complies with the latest internet standards
  • Complete Archiving Tools satisfies your Data Preservation requirements and ensures legal compliance