Power Up your network with FTGate

Get ready to power up your business with FTGate.
The easy installation and flexible administration toolset will quickly have your users communicating better than they ever have before. With no special requirements or plugins needed for hardware, email clients or browsers, your users can simply connect and communicate.

Email is just the start. With full groupware and integrated productivity tools available for individuals, groups and projects, FTGate can significantly enhance your workflow and efficiency.

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You can try FTGate free for 30 days.

This will allow you to try the full version,  with no restrictions. We won’t ask you to sign up for anything, we won’t track who you are, and we won’t send you pestering emails or phonecalls. We won’t hassle you at all.

However if you do need any help, then our  Support Team will be happy to give any advice that you need and our FTGate Support Forum is open to all.


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