FTGate Relay

FTGate Relay is a powerful-front end relay server that offers a unique self configuration system to users of the main FTGate Server family. Each relay can connect to multiple master servers and download configuration information regarding domains and users which then allows the relay to apply intelligent filtering to inbound messages. This actively prevents your relays accepting mail for users which do not exist in the network. In addition the automated nature of the system ensures that the relays are always up to date and require no maintenance.

FTGate Relay for non-FTGate servers

FTGate Relay offers powerful MX and DMZ front end relay and filtering that can be configured with your user addresses and which will prevent unwanted traffic from entering your main mail server. With its extensive filtering and support for anti-spam, anti-virus, RBL, SPF and Greylisting, it makes the perfect choice of front end filter for your network, and is widely used as a front end filter for Microsoft Exchange™


Offering fully automated configuration from  master FTGate Professional or ISP Edition servers, Auto-Cluster simplifies the roll-out and management of server networks and relay pools.

  • Automatic configuration of relays
  • Automatic user mirroring
  • Prevents relay of badly addressed mail
  • Full filtering reduces upstream server load
  • Full historical message tracking
  • Powerful anti-spam engine
  • Anti-virus integration