FTGate For ISP’s

FTGate ISP Edition was developed with extensive consultation with several leading ISP’s, and provides tailored ISP features plus the security and flexibility needed to run a large core mail server.

Key features

  • Fast, powerful mail server optimised for ISP’s
  • Handles large amounts of traffic with ease
  • Extensive spam filtering, RBL, SPF, Greylisting, etc
  • Automatic FTGate Relay network configuration with Auto-Cluster
  • Highly flexible Management System can be tailored to your needs
  • Advanced access and security features
  • Extensive tracking features allow total control over your mail network
  • Stable, reliable core server
  • Relied upon by leading ISP’s
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Low maintenance, yet flexible to meet advanced requirements
  • Up to Unlimited mailboxes and unlimited domains
  • Free copy of FTGate Relay Edition included
  • Powerful integrated web management system
  • Comprehensive Archiving Facilities provides complete audit trail and ensures Data Preservation legal compliance
  • Advanced Security features Allows the administrator exceptional control over the contents of  messages, provides total quality control and safeguards valuable information
  • Flexible anti-spam filters can be tailored to your network
  • Integration with most popular anti-virus software
  • Unauthorised relay protection
  • Highly Cost-effective