FTGate Update 7.0.209

This update is available via auto-update.

It can also be applied manually if your UPSP is up to date: http://download.ftgate.com/files/FTGate7/updates/ftgau70209.fau


  • Added filter rule hit counter reset
  • Fixed issue with occasional opening of misnamed log file
  • Fixed issue with selecting some SSL certificates
  • Fixed issue with some filter options not enabling the save button after change
  • Fixed some SQL errors when updating contact tracking
  • Fixed issue with archive date selection and October (010 bug)
  • Added list mailbox password control
  • Fixed SmartPop client create bug
  • Fixed SMTP issue with bouncing mail
  • Modified routing page to show “None” if none are defined
  • Fixed Auto-Update to show if your up to date
  • Fixed issue causing Quarantine view to be corrupted for some badly formatted message