FTGate Web Administration

FTGate features a complete, simple to use, comprehensive and fast Web Administration system, allowing easy management of your server whether it’s a small single domain company or a large ISP.  Offering flexible configuration controls, highly-effective anti-spam tools and extensive tracking and archiving facilities, FTGate provides an incredibly powerful and intuitive administrative suite that enables you to run your organisation with ease.

Domain and Mailbox Management

Domain and mailbox management in FTGate is provided in a simple and intuitive interface. Adding new Domains and Mailboxes is easy and mailboxes can be bulk created for further time-saving efficiency. With multiple domain and mailbox types FTGate offers a powerful solution to your mail needs.


FTGate makes information simple to access and boasts probably the most powerful and innovative email archiving and tracking server tools available today. Extensive Archiving features will rapidly index and retrieve your messages, and our new tracking system clearly identifies the delivery state of all messages passing through your server. Combined with our statistics collection system, you will always be in absolute control of your mail, as well as enabling your organisation to comply with relevant legal requirements on maintaining email records.


FTGate offers a clear and concise method of configuring your server. All Features have a title and a clear description so that you don’t need to read a manual to know whats going on. This makes server configuration very easy, whilstalso providing you with the flexibility to tailor a bespoke solution for your particular configuration.


All mail servers exist in the hostile world of the internet under constant attack from hackers who would exploit your server for sending SPAM or worse. FTGate boasts a comprehensive security system that controls access by IP address, mailbox and authentication state. You can be confident that with FTGate, no unauthorized access will occur and your mail is constantly protected.


FTGate offers all the services you would expect from a mail server, including HTTP, SMTP, POP3, IMAP4, LDAP also allow encryption with SSL and TLS for secure message transfer.

Full outbound mail control

With the options of multiple outbound delivery queues and comprehensive routing schemes, you can control exactly where your mail is sent.