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Introducing FTGate

FTGate is an award winning Email, Groupware and Productivity server. With low installation and operating costs, secure communications and simple administration, FTGate offers our customers a powerful and cost-effective alternative to Microsoft Exchange.

FTGate users benefit from extensive mail client support across multiple platforms, enabling users to choose their favourite mail client, and the powerful FTGate Web Mail client provides comprehensive email, groupware and productivity tools in an intuitive browser interface.

Low hardware requirements combined with simple and quick Administration makes FTGate the best solution for your email, groupware and productivity needs.

FTGate Flexibility

The workplace is now one in which everyone has their favourite device, so FTGate allows your users to choose their preferred devices, both mobile and desktop, and which platforms they work on. Simple client auto-configuration eliminates the administration costs of setting up new users and FTGate WebMail allows for hot desking for maximum flexibility. Just sign in, and get started.

FTGate Security

FTGate offers a fully secure environment with SSL and TLS email encryption (SMTP, POP3, IMAP) , and SSL encryption of FTGate WebMail, providing security for both local and remote users. Sender authentication prevents abuse of your mail system while extensive anti-spam filters and anti-virus integration protect the system from unwanted and potentially dangerous content.

The extensive access security features allow fine level control over which services can be accessed by each user, preventing system misuse and keeping your enterprise data safe.

FTGate includes full system wide message archiving so that every message that passes through FTGate is included in a searchable archive, meeting the legal requirements for email retention.

20 Years of Mail Expertise

Twenty Years
We are immensely proud that FTGate has recently celebrated its twenty year anniversary. What originally began as a simple email management tool has now grown into a powerful communications server suite that is relied on by many thousands of organisations worldwide as their backbone server. So we would like to say to all our customers both past and present…


Which FTGate is for you?

FTGate is available in three versions. FTGate Professional Edition for SME and Enterprise users, FTGate ISP edition for ISP installations, and FTGate Relay a simple front-end relay server with auto cluster facilities.

  • Award-winning high performance mail server with extensive business productivity tool-set
  • Complete mail server with full Groupware including email, calendars, contacts, tasks, journals and issue tracking
  • Advanced security and anti-spam features
  • Powerful and flexible adminstration and filtering toolset
  • Comprehensive monitoring, archiving and tracking features
  • Reliable, fast, secure and highly cost-efficient alternative to MS Exchange and Google Apps
  • Powerful and fast mail server suite optimised for ISPs
  • Includes free front-end FTGate Relay Edition Server
  • Flexible and intuitive Adminstration tools
  • Advanced access and security controls

  • Effective Anti-Spam filtering
  • Extensive message archiving facilities ensures legal compliance

  • Full message tracking for delivery state monitoring
  • Powerful front end relay server
  • Full MX relay capability
  • Comprehensive Anti-spam & filtering
  • Auto-Cluster enabled
  • Adds full filtering to third party servers including Microsoft Exchange™