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The Total ISP Solution

* Stable, reliable core server

* Extensive spam filtering

* RBL, SPF, Greylisting support

* Automatic FTGate Auto-Cluster support

* Flexible Web Administration Tool

* Advanced IP based security system

FTGate For ISP’s

FTGate ISP Edition was developed with extensive consultation with several leading ISP’s, and provides tailored ISP features plus the security and flexibility needed to run a large core mail server.

Key features

  • Fast, powerful mail server optimised for ISP’s
  • Handles large amounts of traffic with ease
  • Extensive spam filtering, RBL, SPF, Greylisting, etc
  • Automatic FTGate Relay network configuration with Auto-Cluster
  • Highly flexible Management System can be tailored to your needs
  • Advanced access and security features
  • Extensive tracking features allow total control over your mail network
  • Stable, reliable core server
  • Relied upon by leading ISP’s
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Low maintenance, yet flexible to meet advanced requirements
  • Up to Unlimited mailboxes and unlimited domains
  • Free copy of FTGate Relay Edition included
  • Powerful integrated web management system

  • Comprehensive Archiving Facilities provides complete audit trail and ensures Data Preservation legal compliance
  • Advanced Security features Allows the administrator exceptional control over the contents of  messages, provides total quality control and safeguards valuable information
  • Flexible anti-spam filters can be tailored to your network
  • Integration with most popular anti-virus software
  • Unauthorised relay protection
  • Highly Cost-effective