FTGate Update 70104

This update is available via auto-update.

It can also be applied manually if your UPSP is up to date: http://download.ftgate.com/files/FTGate7/updates/ftgau70104.fau


  • Fixed: Routing table IP:aa.bb.cc.dd test matching wildcard addresses
  • Fixed: Registration key whitespace sensitivity when entering keys/activation codes
  • Fixed: Tracking page times not correcting for DST
  • New: Web Mail Compose window now allows selection of valid email addresses in the from field for users with multiple accounts, aliases and group projects.

FTGate Update 70101

The latest update to FTGate7 is now available via Auto Update.

Changes in 7.0.101:

  • Fixed project access rights
  • Removed Group Folder from members view
  • Added Project mode to Group Mailboxes:
    Project mode makes the mailbox visible to project members in read only mode, and makes the project contents visible in the projects tab.
    Project mailboxes have group delivery and tracking codes disabled.
  • Users can now set their deleted items folder
  • Fixed some message display issues
  • Fixed a message expansion bug that could bloat message sizes
  • Fixed additional localisation issues
  • Users can now rename folders in WebMail
  • Improved WebMail data caching  and handling of large folders and added a status bar for feedback.
  • Fixed some spam filtering issues that caused ratings to be bypassed
  • Cleaned up WebMail mail and project views and added icons to show the item type