FTGate Update 7.0.400

This update is available via auto-update.

It can also be applied manually if your UPSP is up to date: http://download.ftgate.com/files/FTGate7/updates/ftgau70400.fau


  1. Added new usage report to domain tools.
  2. Added mailbox SMTP throttle to allow admin to limit number of SMTP messages sent by a mailbox per minute (default is unlimited). Options are part of mailbox privilege sets.
  3. Moved the FTGate Monitor from WebSockets to names Pipes. You now specify the IP address/name of the server and not its port numbers.
  4. Fixed issues with spooler forgetting to process messages when handling large bursts of messages and running scripts
  5. Fixed UI issues
  6. Fixed issue with trying to send webmail messages after deleting the drafts folder
  7. Fixed system messages being in plain text
  8. Fixed issue with clock not updating on some systems
  9. Fixed issue preventing proxy server from starting