FTGate Update 7.0.200

This update is available via auto-update.

It can also be applied manually if your UPSP is up to date: http://download.ftgate.com/files/FTGate7/updates/ftgau70200.fau

This release has a huge new feature that makes FTGate probably the most flexible mail server available. We have added support for adding your own .NET c# code to FTGate.

Through a series of hooks you can intercept FTGate’s processing and add your own custom actions. As FTGate continues to be developed, these hooks and access to the modules in FTGate will be extended giving even greater capabilities to FTGate.


  • Fixed: Postmaster mail fro unknown users options not working in SMTP
  • Fixed: Problem with forwarding messages with attachments
  • Fixed: WebMail not showing multiple entries for TO and CC
  • New: WebMail now has a search bar for sender/subject
  • Fixed: Inbox rules path formatting
  • Fixed: IMAP access to quarantine
  • Fixed: Added password setup to group mailboxes
  • Fixed: Issue with sender address selection when replying to project emails
  • Fixed: SQL tracking search not escaping characters correctly
  • Fixed: Changed start-up sequence to better handle slow system starts
  • Fixed: Signatures not being correctly added to new messages
  • New: Added .NET scripting support – See documentation here